I co-founded Magic and Made In Space. Magic is an outsourcing and virtual assistant service with offices in the United States and in the Philippines. Made In Space launched the first 3D printer to space and operates it on the International Space Station.
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Magic is a specialized remote workforce. Complement your existing team with experienced professionals. Magic drives ROI, saves capital and gives you more time to focus on closing deals, meeting deadlines and scaling your business. Offices in the United States and in the Philippines. Founded in 2015.
I co-founded Made In Space to accelerate progress towards human space colonization, by providing the first real alternative to rockets for getting things to space. It's cheaper, faster, and safer to build stuff there than it is to launch it. We've created the first 3D printer in space, which is currently on the International Space Station. In November, 2014, it manufactured the first objects made off the surface of the Earth.
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